How do I select software?

Software selection is hard. Very hard. There are often countless options available these days. But hey, don't give up. I'll guide you through the processes with my unique approach.

Map your processes

Let me deep dive in your processes. How does your organisation currently work? Instead of spending days or weeks on interviews, I become one of your colleagues. Yes, you got me right. By becoming a colleague, I will do most of the jobs that are currently being done in your organisation. I walk the talk. This method takes a bit more time, but I add way more value along the way.

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Define your challenges

By working in the different departments, I discover what the biggest challenges are. We rank them together by priority so that we tackle the most important ones first.

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Decide which problems you want to solve

Based on the challenges and the future plan of your organisation, we determine the main objectives of the project.

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Compare different solutions

Now we can get started and start with the supplier selection process. Based on the output of the previous steps I'll create a first list of possible suppliers.

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Create a shortlist

Out of the list of suppliers, we will create a shortlist of the top 3 to 5 most promising solutions.

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Asses the different options

I'll compare the solutions in detail. Both on functionality as well as on the service part to make sure that the fit is just good.

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Do a proof-of-concept

We'll invite one or two suppliers to do a proof of concept. This helps you (and the supplier) to better understand each other and to get a hands on experience with the solution.

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At the end of the process we'll take the final decision and we'll start implementing the solution.

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It's time. Take action. Right now.

You are here for a reason. You want to reach your goal and you need some help with that. I'd love to give you advice on the next steps you can take. Whether that's working with me or with somebody else.


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